A Prophet’s Curse or Warning

Predictions and prophets have been around as long as God has been speaking to mankind. It’s the basis of most religions. But not all prophetic statements are made by godly men. Why is that?

Perhaps, God really is speaking but they don’t recognize his voice. Perhaps these visionaries receive the message in spite of their personal beliefs. Who is to say, really?

Think of Nostradamus and Rasputin. Many a naysayer have claimed to disprove their predictions — but many other support these men as mystically accurate over the course of centuries.

Whatever their medium, the predictions and forecasts of oracles remain long after those who spoke them have returned to the earth (“dust to dust,” as it were).  Their words haunts those who are left behind, to wonder their meaning and how it impacts each century to follow.

Perhaps the moon is an omen and the warnings have been given. Deja vu is real. A prophet spoke of it long ago. It’s something to think about.

The Deja vu Chronicles by Marti Melville is a paranormal historical fiction based on a real pirate

“The moon is chief over the night darkness, rest, death, and the waters.” 

(Jan Baptista van Helmont, 1579-1644)