Silver Moon (book 2)


Silver Moon (book 2)

The Deja vu Chronicles

Faced with mortality, 18th-century teens must decide between civility and a life of ruin, but when confronted with threats from a brigand ship, Seth and Kathryn exploit the craftiness learned from living with Caribbean pirates as they fight against justice and honor to defeat an evil Celtic deity.

Death greets the young paramedic lying face down on wet asphalt next to the crumpled wreckage that once was an ambulance. His vibrant existence hangs in the balance, teetering between mortality and returning to a previous life. Abruptly, the decision is made for him and he is carried back to a reality once forgotten, a time lived centuries ago as the captain of the Revenge and her crew of cutthroats bound for the Caribbean….and to Kathryn.

Set in 1722, the second novel in the Déjà vu Chronicles, Silver Moon Déjà vu continues the paranormal adventure of the marauding pirates and ongoing romance of Kathryn and Capt. John Phillips – an actual pirate known for his ruthless history pirating the Spanish Main from 1721-1724.

Silver Moon is the second book in The Deja vu Chronicles.