What J.K. Rowling did for wizards and Stephenie Meyer did for vampires, Marti Melville has done for PIRATES!”
(Forbes Online Magazine — Sept. 2011)

  The Deja vu Chronicles - a paranormal historical romance fiction series by Marti Melville 3rd edition images published by Doce Blant Publishing

Published by:
Doce Blant Publishing
32565-B Golden Lantern Street #323  Dana Point, CA  92629
(951) 216-4411

(3rd edition release – 2016)

Author Photo

Marti Melville

My tremendous love for history propelled my launch into writing this book.  Initially, it was intended to be a simple story about a great-great-great (a few more greats) grandmother from Wales or England.  I wanted my grandchildren to read about my lineage and I wanted to make it fun!

Because there is a little controversy over the last name of one of my ancestors who lived along the coast and worked on the docks, I decided to look up sailors by the last name of Phillips (a version of the controversial last name).  I found Captain John Phillips, a pirate captain of the great merchantman Revenge.  Reading the account of this blood-thirsty pirate’s life made me think, “you just can’t make this kind of stuff up”.

 I found my story!  Out came my laptop and the next 8 – 9 months were spent walking in the early evenings with my dogs, staring at the rising moon and creating the ideas that developed into the plot.

The Deja vu Chronicles takes a rather mystical look at this pirate’s life and what might have happened aboard theRevenge.  Most of the male characters are actual crew members who sailed with Captain Phillips (with the exception of Seth) and can be found easily on a Google search (the scant details of their brief history found matching their part in  the four books compiled in the Deja vu Chronicles: Midnight Omen, Silver Moon, Onyx Rising and Cutthroat’s Omen: a Crimson Dawn).

Kathryn – of course, is fictional.  Her persona and beauty is a combination of both my daughters.  The other female characters are also fictional, with the exception of Wendy (who is truly a sister to me – you can see her in the Gallery section of this site).  The Celtic Goddesses (Morrigan, Roane and Macha) are based on actual Celtic folklore.  With superstition steeped in the tales of the sea, how could they not be included in such a story?

Captain John Phillips – we know he actually lived and plundered the Spanish Main between 1721 – 1724.  Whether he was tall, had dark wavy hair and clear green eyes the color of Spanish emeralds is something unknown.  His persona and likeness…well, that is someone I keep locked deep inside my heart.

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